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8 Most Popular Gaming Platforms For Programmers in 2022
Rakesh Potnuru

8 Most Popular Gaming Platforms For Programmers in 2022

Gamers have the mindset that they want to gamify everything. Why not gamify learning to code if you are a gamer and programmer πŸ‘€? There are numerous platforms for learning programming by creating games or playing games. So, in this article, I'm going to share eight platforms that I've tried and know.

Let's get started

1. CodinGame


CodinGame was my favorite gaming-programming platform. You will fall in love with programming by doing the challenges, building games, multiplayer games, and a lot more.


  • Supports all languages.
  • Multiplayer games
  • International contests
  • Lots of games: Clash Of Code, Code Vs Zombies, Code Of The Rings, Power of Thor, and so on.
  • and more...

2. TwilioQuest


If you're just starting with programming, I recommend trying out TwilioQuest. TwilioQuest is a 2D game in which you gain experience by completing quests.


  • A nice soundtrack that drags your attention towards the game.
  • Learn different tools and programming languages.

3. Battlesnake


Battlesnake is a multiplayer snake game. This game will help you improve your skills in programming, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data structures & algorithms. Create algorithms to help your snake grow and survive in the face of fierce competition.


  • Multiplayer games
  • Leagues and challenges - Never get bored

4. Screeps


Screeps will help you improve your programming (JavaScript) and AI skills. Create your colony and begin mining resources, constructing units, and conquering territory.


  • Multiplayer game
  • You can use libraries
  • Programmable world

5. CodeCombat


Learn Python and JavaScript by playing games. Guide your character towards the end by writing code.

6. WarriorJS


WarriorJS allows you to put your skills to use. Create algorithms to climb the tower and reach the JavaScript sword. Of course, it's not that simple.

7. CryptoZombies


CryptoZombies is the best platform to master Solidity. Learn Solidity and smart contracts development by building your zombie army.

8. Flex Box adventure

Flex Box adventure

Are you struggling to understand CSS Flexbox? Say no more. Flex Box adventure is a CSS game to learn Flexbox. By completing all 24 levels you will become the "Master of CSS Flexbox πŸ₯·".

Which platform do you like the most 😍? Share in the comments πŸ‘‡.



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