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Tools I use from design to deployment, testing and analytics
Rakesh Potnuru

Tools I use from design to deployment, testing and analytics

In the previous blog, we came to know the flow of building a full-stack application. Throughout building an application we use so many tools that makes our life easy. So in this blog, I will share all the tools I use from setting up the stage to submitting your site to search engines.

Let's get started

Note: I will keep updating this article.

Setting up

Setting up includes IDE, planning the project, and management app.


  • All rounder VSCode
  • Webstorm for backend or plain javascript projects.(Please don't use for frontend)
  • Notepad++ for quick editing.

Planning the project

  • ClickUp is amazingly useful for project management. It has lots of features and a great UI.


Operating systems

  • I am not yet into Linux, so for now I use Windows for development.


  • As I am not into UI/UX I use UI kits or simply take inspiration from dribbble, Behance, etc.

  • Then I use Figma to customize those designs according to my needs.


Branding includes deciding on a color palette, font family, logo, etc.



I primarily use two browsers.


Screenshot 2022-01-24 205812.png

Backend and database




Rank up


  • Google Analytics to track details like the number of website visitors, which pages are getting popular, and how far my website reached.
  • Microsoft Clarity - this thing has even more features like heatmaps where you can see where the users are clicking.

What is the one tool you can't live without (Apart from VSCode)? Comment below.



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